From... To...

St. Gallen: Jungle Books, 2019.
ISBN: 9783033075160
Condition: Fine
500 copies

From… To… is part archive part storyboard and presents the photographic work of Jiri Makovec from 2018—2002. Shot in the streets, in dimly lit hallways, during festive parades, in empty lots, and anywhere else he goes, the photographs exemplify Jiri's approach, which is neither documentary nor fictional. As much as some of his pictures may look staged, they are mostly situations captured by chance. Within the layered orders of the world, where everyone and everything seems to have its assigned position, Jiri's gaze transgresses ethnic, class and age divisions by the simple act of looking. With a text by Jiajia Zhang and supplementary liner notes. Item #19605

Price: $58.00

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From... To. Jiri Makovec.
From... To. Jiri Makovec.
From... To. Jiri Makovec.