Edinburgh: Cannongate, 1998.
ISBN: 9781841958187
Condition: Nr Fine 367/1000
Hardcover in slipcase
Signed and numbered
1000 copies

This extradordinary edition of the cult classic Snowblind - the 'scammer's bible' about the exploits of legendary cocaine smuggler Zachary Swan - was designed by Damien Hirst in 1998. Only 1000 copies were printed and with unbelievable production values. The boards of the book are made from reinforced mirrors. Inside the book, the title page is numbered and signed by the collaborators - Damien Hirst, Howard Marks and Robert Sabbag - and the book comes with a metal credit card as a bookmark in the style of an American Express card. Inside the book, a special die-cut trench runs through the pages that feature Zachary Swan's most daring import/export manoeuvres, and inside this trench hides - Agatha Christie style - a real $100 bill, rolled up. The final three digits of the note, which were specially secured from the US Treasury, correspond to the number of the edition from the run of one thousand. Item #19610

Price: $1,000.00