Aperture, 2005.
ISBN: 1931788804
hardcover in clamshell
500 copies
132 pgs. 40 duotones, 12.5 x 15 inches

More than 35 years after it first appeared, Kamaitachi, a long out-of-print masterwork by Japanese photographer Eikoh Hosoe, gets its first publication outside Japan. Not just a reprint but a recreation in collaboration with the photographer and in homage to the innovative original, this limited edition holds 40 black-and-white tritone images, each of which receives the scope of a gatefold. Hosoe was known for pushing the boundaries of traditional photography through his interactions with important Japanese artists such as Butoh dancer Tasumi Hijikata and novelist Yukio Mishima. In Kamaitachi, he sought to recapture, with choreographic style, some of the lost landscapes and images of his childhood experience in the closing years of World War II. Item #1

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Kamaitachi. Eikoh Hosoe.
Kamaitachi. Eikoh Hosoe.
Kamaitachi. Eikoh Hosoe.