Milan: Damiani, 2011.
ISBN: 9788862081917
Condition: Fine. SIGNED & INSCRIBED

Gabe Nevins seemed to have the brightest of futures when he first met photographer Nick Haymes. He had just wrapped up his lead role in Gus Van Sant’s cult 2007 film Paranoid Park; “…there was something entirely captivating about him and his energy, at this extremely precocious and precarious point in his life.”Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Gabe left home and took trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles in search of acting work. He soon suffered a breakdown and found himself sleeping on the streets. The second half of this book is an intense, tremendously painful series of photographs showing Gabe ironically reliving his Own Private Idaho - grappling with mental breakdown, homelessness and sexual identity. Item #11402

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GABEtm. Nick Haymes.
GABEtm. Nick Haymes.