Circulation: Date, Place, Events

Tokyo: Osiris, 2012.
ISBN: 9784905254010
Condition: As new
softcover in slipcase
First Edition

A previously unpublished project painstakingly assembled by his editor and publisher Yoko Sawada. In 1971 photographer Takuma Nakahira participated in the Seventh Paris Biennale for emerging artists from around the world. In his experimental project Circulation: Date, Place, Events Nakahira challenged himself to photograph his surroundings and in the same day exhibit the results for a duration of approximately one week. Indiscriminately documenting everything he encountered — the Parisian streets, the people and cars that came and went there, all manner of posters and printed matter, the installations in the Biennale including the constantly evolving display of his own work, the underground passageways of the subway, news wire reports transmitted by teletype machines, the constant flow of images on television, his room service breakfast in his hotel room and drying underwear — Nakahira exhibited the photographic traces of his daily experiences of Paris within each day. As the photographs proliferated day after day, the exhibition wall could no longer contain them, and Nakahira spread them onto the floor. Item #11688

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Circulation: Date, Place, Events. Takuma Nakahira.
Circulation: Date, Place, Events. Takuma Nakahira.