Mrs. Merryman's Collection

London: MACK, 2012.
ISBN: 9781907946257
Condition: As New

Mrs. Merryman’s Collection, presents the postcards which together form the story of two intertwined lives - one life lived travelling the world through the postcard images, the other a child and then adult whose life and relationship to her own history and her future were influenced by the collection. While Anne-Marie and Anne Sophie never met, both their lives were inspired by the postcard collection - a relationship that was born, and continues to flourish, in the realms of the imagination. Furthermore.... the collection is entirely fabricated by a Japanese artist whose identity is revealed only when one unpicks the red thread that sews together the final two pages. Parr Vol III p 307. Item #11821

Price: $85.00

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Mrs. Merryman's Collection. Anne Sophie Merryman, sic.
Mrs. Merryman's Collection. Anne Sophie Merryman, sic.