Looking for Love 1996

Berlin: Kominek, 2012.
ISBN: 9783981510522
Condition: Fine
First Edition
SIGNED and Inscribed

Looking for Love, 1996, looks back to the time when Soth was 26 working a at a big commercial lab in Minnesota processing film of other peoples memories. It‘s a mournful project filled with yearning. “After a day in the darkroom, I would head to the bar. More darkness, yes, but I was comforted by that boozy, underwater world and the solitude I found among strangers.” Published in 2012, the collection of photographs revisits 1996 through the prism of his early work produced during the period when he was starting out as a photographer in Minnesota. In its retrospective gaze, the work is a meditation on beginnings—not only the beginning of a newfound career but also the beginning of, and fundamental longing for, a new love. The photographs in Soth’s work depict the unexpected and coincidental moments that bring strangers together. “One day, I imagined, a stranger would fall in love with me” writes Alec Soth, in the introduction. Item #12017

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Looking for Love 1996. Alec Soth.
Looking for Love 1996. Alec Soth.