Maria : Photographers At Work A Smithsonian Series

Washington D.C. Smithsonian Institution, 1992.
ISBN: 1560982071
Condition: Nr Fine

Part of "Photographers At Work A Smithsonian Series". In Maria, a part of the Smithsonian’s series Photographers at Work, Friedlander turns the camera on his wife, Maria, resulting in a series of intimate portraits spanning more than thirty years. Says Friedlander in the interview contained in the book: “I learned when I was a young photographer, thank goodness, that the world was the most interesting place to photograph. And then I got married and had a family and there was another little world within the big world to photograph. Maria, in terms of the larger group of pictures of the family, is the heroine. So if we had a hundred pages to use we’d probably throw in the pictures of the kids and some of me, and Maria would still be the heroine.”. Item #12892

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Maria : Photographers At Work A Smithsonian Series. Lee Friedlander.