American Colour 1962–1965

London: MACK, 2013.
ISBN: 9781907946554
Condition: Fine
First Edition

American Colour 1962–1965 is a carefully edited selection of previously unpublished Tony Ray-Jones colour photographs from the earliest period of his work. Taken from the extensive archives held at the National Media Museum in Bradford by Liz Jobey, this book brings together the early experiments that would inform his later work. Ray-Jones arrived in America in 1961 on a scholarship to Yale to study graphic art and he returned to England four years later. It was in America that he learned to be a photographer. Among New York’s street parades, on Fifth Avenue, in Times Square, Chinatown and Little Italy he learned to extract individual moments from a crowded backdrop and to find order in the chaos of the street. Based in New York, he made trips across the country – west to Detroit, south to Florida – all the time making colour pictures alongside the black and white images for which he would later became known. Item #13255

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American Colour 1962–1965. Tony Ray-Jones.
American Colour 1962–1965. Tony Ray-Jones.