Tucson: Nazraeli Press.
ISBN: 1590050312
signed and numbered
Limited Edition. 500 copie
16 pgs, 12 b&w, 6 x 7 inches

Nazraeli Press One Picture Books is an ongoing series of limited-edition artists books. Each book is casebound, measures 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches, and contains 16 pages of text and illustrations and one original print. Each title is limited to 500 numbered and signed copies.The artists selected for this series are asked to create a book based on one image, or one series of related images. The result is a uniform series of modestly priced, eminently collectable books, each numbered and signed by the artist and containing an original work of art. Heinecken produced these incredible photograms, showing verso and recto pages simultaneously and in negative over thirty years ago. A long-forgotten off-shoot from his famous ARE YOU REA portfolio, published in 1968, they were rediscovered only recently in Heinecken s archives. A pioneer of recycled imagery, Heinecken is universally recognized for his role in redefining the boundaries of photography as an art medium. Item #139

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studiesnineteenseventy. Robert Heinecken.
studiesnineteenseventy. Robert Heinecken.