New York: Dashwood Books, 2014.
Condition: as new
First Edition

PUD II is the second book in a trilogy conceived and photographed by Jason Nocito, designed by Ari Marcopoulos and Camilla Venturini of Ordinary Books and published by Dashwood. 
Originally released at the LAABF in January 2014 PUD(I) consisted of a series of sixteen photographs of New York City street debris and puddles interspersed with images from a road trip across the US all shot on an 8x10 view camera recording extremely high detail.  

The second book produced in an identical trim size and cover design, in alternate colors, takes on a less rigid structure.  Using the debris and puddles as its’ main subject once again, this time they act to draw together an expanding, disparate set of more personal images touching upon subjects taken up in Nocito’s previous books.  

The overall project as yet has an undefined trajectory, asking more questions than are being resolved; evolving as an exercise in conceptualizing, editing and design – the practice of bookmaking itself.
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PUD II. Jason Nocito.
PUD II. Jason Nocito.
PUD II. Jason Nocito.
PUD II. Jason Nocito.