Double Bind

New York: A.R.T. Press, 2015.
ISBN: 0923183507
Soft Cover
First Edition
Rhea Anastas and Leigh Ledare (text)

The book Double Bind documents conversations between artist Leigh Ledare and art historian Rhea Anastas, provoked by viewing Ledare’s project of the same name as installed at The Box in Los Angeles (2012) and Mitchell-Innes & Nash in New York (2014). Ledare's installation puts in play a series of overlaying comparative structures: it juxtaposes nearly one-thousand photographs of the artist's ex-wife (half taken by Ledare, half taken by her current husband, according to a script conceived by Ledare and enacted by all three), with a large collection of appropriated mass-media materials. Item #15276

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Double Bind. Leigh Ledare.
Double Bind. Leigh Ledare.
Double Bind. Leigh Ledare.