1000 Miles : Vol V

Los Angeles: SSK Press, 2013.
Condition: Fine #13/100
Signed and numbered
100 copies
48 pp , 5.5 x 8.5 inches with tipped in 4 x 6 color print

1000 Miles is the culmination of a 100 day performance project Jason Jaworski created in collaboration with MOCAtv where every day he threw a dart at a map of Los Angeles, traced a 10 mile shape and proceeded to traverse its geometry. Dressed in a uniform of all white, each 10 mile journey was documented in a series of images, texts and line paintings. This publication is the first of 10 the artist made during the project. Each book represents 100 miles of the 1,000 mile journey. The day ended and I kept thinking of things to say, things to tell you, but all I could think of were things that had already happened. The past as a person and my mind running its fingers through her hair. While cars move through distances once moved through by others ; while streets get repaved and worked upon like the faces of so many beautiful people searching for what Gaddis called “that Youth who could do anything” ; while rivers wither in weather without season ; while friends continue to move here and the deep melancholy feeling I feel knowing that I must leave them ; while children cough and fight one another ; while I walk streets already photographed entirely in books that are no longer read but kept behind glass- and while the sun sets on Sunset and I think back to days previous when, without money, I walked to the airport in Brooklyn, watching planes fly overhead while kids threw rocks far and away in Far Rockaway and the A train stirred through its tunneled corridor, passing me with its steel music while passengers and people waited to enter and exit its structure and I have to stop writing now and just lay here, thinking of that moment and memory, sleeping under a tree, where, without anything I felt everything. Item #15702

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1000 Miles : Vol V. Jason Jaworski.