My Blank Pages

Los Angeles: The Ice Plant, 2015.
ISBN: 9780989785952
Condition: Fine
Soft Cover
signed and numbered
500 copies

Open any copy of Michael Schmelling’s My Blank Pages and you encounter a curious murmur of handwriting in the margins around the photos: dates, memories, quotes, recipes, anecdotes, stray thoughts on the practice of photography, points of reference. The images are from an archive of 4x6 machine prints made casually over the course of Schmelling’s career as a photographer — the fragmentary background noise of an itinerant working life, excavated, reclaimed and reframed here as an oblique autobiography.

Annotated by hand, bound with no covers and wrapped in a manila jacket, each copy of this limited print run is unique, as if on permanent loan from a shelf in the artist’s home. Many of the latter numbers of the edition were damaged so the number of copies in circulation is in fact closer to 270.
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My Blank Pages. Michael Schmelling.
My Blank Pages. Michael Schmelling.
My Blank Pages. Michael Schmelling.