Shelter Island

London: MACK, 2015.
ISBN: 9781910164525
Condition: Fine
First Edition

Shelter Island comprises a body of work made by Roe Ethridge during a summer stay in Long Island, New York. Renting an all-American kit house, Ethridge and his family discovered objects stowed in the garage, things discarded by a different family and from a different moment in time. The faded objects, which are leitmotifs of an Americana of the past, speak of a lifetime of childhood summers: dusty Cola bottles, a plastic bat or fallen kite. In Ethridge’s work, the passage of time, and youth itself, is both acutely personal and stylised, in images that are at once synthetic and spontaneous, laden with familiar photographic tropes which are shown to us askance. Item #16226

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Shelter Island. Roe Ethridge.
Shelter Island. Roe Ethridge.
Shelter Island. Roe Ethridge.