Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa

New York: Session Press, 2017.
ISBN: 9780692817445
Condition: Fine
600 copies

Session Press’ Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa, is the first US monograph by Okinawan photographer Mao Ishikawa, a highly revered figure in Japan. This revised edition features several unpublished photographs from artist's first book Hot Days in Camp Hansen published in 1982. Red Flower exhibits Ishikawa’s celebration of the courageous and honest lives of women she met and befriended while working at bars in Koza and Kin that were hang-outs for black soldiers from the local US military bases.   Red Flower is the seminal work for Ishikawa, marking the starting point of her subsequently long career as a photographer. Red Flower features full-bleed images reproduced in a large format with intense b/w printing which successfully conveys the original lively spirit and tension of Ishikawa’s Camp Hansen work, available again for wider public appreciation with an essay by the artist. Item #16916

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Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa. Mao Ishikawa.
Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa
Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa
Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa