RM, 2017.
ISBN: 9788417047177
Condition: Fine
First Edition

This book is a record of the French photographer, Antoine D’Agata’s, Mexican travels over the past thirty years. A tense, immobile diary of his experiences in the devastated landscapes of an increasingly volatile criminal society. Still images, cinematographic narratives and texts make up a personal diary that, through intimate, sexual and narcotic encounters, constructs an increasingly sickening reality. Mirroring his journey as he wanders through a lonely and marginal world, d’Agata’s photographic language seems to fracture and degenerate page by page. Text by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Nicolas Arraitz, Bruno Le Dantec, Tania Bohorquèz, Alfonso Morales. Item #17220

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Mexico. Antoine D'Agata.
Mexico. Antoine D'Agata.
Mexico. Antoine D'Agata.