Paris: Red Lebanese, 2017.
Condition: As New
250 copies

Catalog produced by French independent publisher Red Lebanese for Marcopoulos' recent show at Galerie Frank Elbaz in Paris, a sprawling installation of prints and videos on show September 2 thru October 14, 2017. ." make books, zines, and films as a way to extend the life of the photograph, to make it move....I am considering the filmic quality of still photographs, making fast photocopies and slower color pigment prints, with the intention of papering the walls with thousands of images. I have been selecting photos from my extensive archive, guided mostly by intuition, this allows me to regroup old and new and to see the patterns within my work. I have been taking wayward paths across time, in predominantly recent work with diversions. The range of places I’ve been and the people I have encountered are what guide me, those people include edge dwellers, skaters, rap gods, athletes, kids, trees, graffiti, faces, tangles, and cars." AM. Item #17408

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Machine. Ari Marcopoulos.
Machine. Ari Marcopoulos.
Machine. Ari Marcopoulos.