London: Loose Joints, 2017.
ISBN: 9780993430381
Condition: Fine
1,000 copies

DMYCC by Sean Vegezzi documents the artists’ decade-long engagement with a cavernous underground area constructed beneath Lower Manhattan. It is one of several tunnel segments built in the 1970’s by the New York City Transit Authority for the Second Avenue Subway, a convoluted and controversial subway line that was proposed as early as 1919, and partially realized in 2017. After the initial construction of the tunnel segment, the space was quickly overlooked, and prior to its discovery by Vegezzi, the phantom-like provisional enclosure lay in a state of non-use and deterioration. DMYCC is an initialism that encompasses the physical space itself, the desire to gain access to it, and a shifting roster of efforts to install and enact a private recreational domain within it. Item #17472

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DMYCC. Sean Vegezzi.
DMYCC. Sean Vegezzi.
DMYCC. Sean Vegezzi.