Amusement Park

New York: Lodret Vandret, 2017.
Condition: Fine
First Edition

A fun house of brightly contrived images, Geeting's striking still lifes seem to strain at the notion of stillness - riffing on many of the tropes of studio practice. Combined with his unconventional editing and absurd naratives there's a refreshing playfullness in this book. “I add little touches here and there in post, and there are certainly images that have been doctored, but for me the most surprising ones are the ones straight from the camera.“I think it’s fun to use photoshop wrong. Instead of taking a pimple off someone’s face I’ll mess around with an image of a guy eating a banana in a car, or add a drop shadow somewhere to make it weirder." Item #17527

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Amusement Park
Amusement Park