Temporary Discomfort

Baden: Lars Müller, 2005.
ISBN: 3037780479
Condition: Fine. SIGNED
120 pgs, 80 color, 10 x 12 inches

Jules Spinatsch s documentation of three cities in a transitory state of emergency lock-down during two global economic summits (WEF and G8). It comines different photographical genres: landscape photography of the site, photojournalism, and police photography, but with the camera lens turned, atypically, on the security forces. The photo series and videos aim to achieve a speculative reconstruction of the situations in Davos, New York, Genoa and Evian/Geneva, while they also ask questions about the conditions under which photography is and can be produced today. Spinatsch s position while working on the project was that of an informed outsider--his presence in the area around the meetings was acknowledged by the security forces but not really appreciated, which was one the factors that determined his work. Spinatsch s new approach to documentary photography is theorized here by essayist Martin Jaeggi and presented through beautiful photographs with strong political undertones. Item #1778

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Temporary Discomfort. Jules Spinatsch.
Temporary Discomfort. Jules Spinatsch.