Acid Bloom

Tucson: Nazraeli Press, 2003.
ISBN: 1590050665
84 pgs, 46 color, 10 x 13 inches

About ten years ago, the Japanese critic Kotaro Iizawa coined the expression ?onnanoko shashinka,? which loosely translates as ?girlie photographers.? He was referring to a hugely popular group of young Japanese women photographers whose subject matter ? simple, everyday things ? was captured using a ?point-and-shoot? technique. Mika Ninagawa has been described as second generation ?onnanoko shashinka,? a very skillful photographer with perhaps a more mature approach to her work ? but still with a wonderful mix of fun and flair. The pictures in this stunningly beautiful book are large and saturated, a dazzling array of flowers, trees, grass and insects ? close-up and ablaze with color. Acid Bloom is an electrifying body of work. Item #1783

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Acid Bloom. Mika Ninagawa.
Acid Bloom. Mika Ninagawa.