Unified Message

Berlin / Göttingen: Camerawork / Steidl, 2002.
ISBN: 9783882438314
Condition: Nr Fine

"Fashion photography and fashion drawing are not only images of creation, but creations in and of themselves--productions of beauty, of outfit and of lifestyle. They mediate images of fashion's fast trade which, as visual statements, are long-lasting, extending well beyond the day. In Unified Message, photographers and draftsmen carry on an unusual dialogue. Pictures by three of the most important fashion photographers of our time - Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi and Alexei Hay - are questioned, commented on and extended by three fashion illustrators of international renown - Mats Gustafson, Ruben Toledo and François Berthoud." Item #17894

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Unified Message. Paolo Roversi Peter Lindbergh, Ruben Toledo Alexei Hay - Mats Gustafson, François Berthoud.