Two Winters Long

Los Angeles: SSK Press, 2016.
Condition: Fine
Signed and numbered
100 copies
168 pgs, 6 x 7 inches

Completed in sequence in early 2016, Two Winters Long is Jason Jaworski’s most recent published photographic project, comprised entirely of images created within the 2015 winter season. Originally begun as a separate project while the artist was working in Cambodia teaching art at an NGO to orphans, the images were soon collected and sequenced together with others created at different locations from the artist’s winter travels including New York, Los Angeles, Tijuana, San Francisco, San Ysidro, Oahu and Scranton. Relating to the multiple losses of life the artist endured over the winter season, the title, Two Winters Long, serves to engage in the aspect of time and how one winter in Cambodia bled into multiple others at different locales- a sort of season of memory and the simultaneous burden and relief that comes with the loss of life. Threaded throughout the entire project is a longing from someone acknowledging the knowledge only understood when one has endured enough- a melancholy knowing that love, although infinite in its intangible manner, is only a fraction of the physical- that thing which will always expire, no matter how enduring a person’s own enigma of life is. Item #18041

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Two Winters Long. Jason Jaworski.
Two Winters Long. Jason Jaworski.