Berlin: Holzwarth Publications, 2018.
ISBN: 9783947127078
Condition: As New
1,200 copies
10 x 15 inches.194 pgs. 92 duotones

In this artist's book, Christopher Wool (born 1955) layers photos of backyard debris and dusty roads, of Texan wilderness and scenes rife with sculptural properties. Two realities invade each other and their overlapping actualities collapse into an artistic reality beyond the moment caught by the artist's camera. Thus the pictures are imbued with the history of their own making. For Yard, Wool has resampled photographic images that appeared in the previous artist's books Road and Westtexaspsychosculpture .10 x 15 in. / 194 pgs / 92 duotone. Item #18165

Price: $120.00

Yard. Christopher Wool.
Yard. Christopher Wool.