Boarding Pass / Priority Boarding

Melbourne / Zurich: Perimeter / Nieves, 2018.
ISBN: 9783905999969
Condition: Fine
100 copies
80 Pages, 14 x 20 cm. / 16 Pages, 14 x 20 cm. SIGNED by both artists

Boarding Pass takes this experience of flight, and the machines that make it possible, as its defining motifs. Photographed over the last year while in transit, the characteristically intuitive, off-the-cuff images that populate this volume offer countless vantages – near and far – of airplanes on the tarmac or in flight, rerouting our gaze from the pragmatic and economic towards the poetic. Here, Marcopoulos appeals to the notion that flying – for all its supposed monotony – is still something close to a miracle. Priority Boarding features new plane drawings by Stefan Marx. They originated over the last two years at various Airports. The selection of drawings is based and inspired by Ari Marcopoulos' new publication focusing on the same commercial airlines and aircraft types. Item #18221

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Boarding Pass / Priority Boarding. Ari Marcopoulos / Stefan Marx.