The diary of Tom Wilkins

Toulouse: (self-published), 2018.
Condition: Fine
150 copies
11.6 x 14.6 inches, 110 pages. Printed and hand-bound by Sébastien Girard in his studio.

Initiated in 2017 with the publication of My tv girls, The diary of Tom Wilkins is another version of the very same archive and features this time the integrality of the polaroid series across 110 pages : 911 reproduced photographs, dated, numbered and annotated by its author. This second book in this project will also reveal the identity of the author for the first time thru an amazing self-portrait in front of a mirror, the only found object with the author’s name written on it. Item #18225

Price: $75.00

The diary of Tom Wilkins
The diary of Tom Wilkins