All-American XVIII

New York: Little Bear Press, 2018.
Condition: As New
First Edition
9 1/2 x 12 in. 208 pages

In a time when outrage, intolerance and violence seem to dominate the national conversation, how do we face this world? While the eighteenth edition of Bruce Weber’s All-American makes no claims to know the answer, it attempts to approach the question on a human scale: How can we help these kids? How can we learn from the past? How best to be true to ourselves? The principal characters here are everyday people, the challenges they face nothing shocking or newsworthy. But all of them shine through their simple commitment to making the world better in some modest but meaningful way. Contributors include; Carlos Javier Ortiz, Thema Campbell, Tony Vaccaro, Simons Finnerty as well as two extended photo essayas by Bruce Weber. Item #18500

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All-American XVIII. Bruce Weber.
All-American XVIII. Bruce Weber.
All-American XVIII. Bruce Weber.