The Heights

New York: Aperture, 2019.
ISBN: 9781597114578
Condition: As New
First Edition
SIGNED. 56 pages, 25 four-color images, 10 ¾ x 12 in

Using miniature model muscle cars (scale 1:18) that he carefully photographs dangling in midair and then seamlessly places on iconic city streets he’s photographed in large format, Matthew Porter presents a portfolio of twenty-five images of vintage cars, captured as they careen over highway intersections. Each photograph is a freeze-frame—a hypothetical film still from a pulp-fiction chase scene. The photographs, known popularly as the “flying car” series, are a hybrid of hyperreality and studied, topographic description, part bittersweet nostalgia and part ironic reinvention of a classic American trope. Item #18636

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The Heights. Matthew Porter.
The Heights. Matthew Porter.
The Heights. Matthew Porter.