Ordeal by Roses

New York: Aperture, 1985.
ISBN: 0893811696
Condition: Second printing. Fine SIGNED
100 pages, 10 x 14.25 inches

Ba-ra-kei: Ordeal by Roses is a rare glimpse into the life of the great modern Japanese writer, Yukio Mishima, who ended his life in 1970 by ritual suicide. Many in Japan regarded the suicide as a sensational act. However, the publication of Mishima's final cycle of novels, which had been conceived eight years prior to his death, revealed that his death was carefully considered--a gesture of historical import in perfect accord with the morbid and esoteric aesthetic that pervades his writing.~In 1961 Mishima asked Eikoh Hosoe to photograph him, giving him full artistic direction in making these surreal and alluring photographs. The props that surround the writer and the baroque interior of his home are antithetical to the pure Japanese sensibility of understatement and reveal Mishima's dark, theatrical imagination. Item #1893

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Ordeal by Roses. Eikoh Hosoe.
Ordeal by Roses. Eikoh Hosoe.