Dictionary of Water

Paris: Edition 7L, 2001.
ISBN: 3882437537
Condition: Fine

"A book is really a sensual, if not sexual experience and I use these books to focus people in this very intimate one-on-one relationship. The book can become a kind of mirror. The book has an inside and an outside. And then you enter it and it has a fixed sequence. It has a before and an after, there is a narrative implicit in it." Roni Horn, What do you see when you look at water? American artist Roni Horn suggests 95 answers, 95 directions, 95 possibilities. Here is water as it continuously reshapes itself. Here is a dictionary because water is the ultimate lexicon, because Horn's work is always about completeness. This incredible collection of digitally manipulated photographic images are from Horn's long-term project documenting the River Thames. With this project, she has now completed her study of the river, and this luxurious volume is a perfect final statement of the work. Item #1906

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Dictionary of Water. Roni Horn.
Dictionary of Water. Roni Horn.