Notebooks 2005–2018

Zürich: Patrick Frey, 2019.
ISBN: 9783906803876
Condition: Fine
First Edition

A limited-edition publication, comprises a boxed set of ten facsimiled Moleskine sketchbooks printed with additional colors. Notebooks 2005–2018 is a collection of ten facsimiled Moleskine notebooks filled with works by Swiss artist Aldo Schmid. Created from 2005 to 2018, these visual worlds take us through abandoned factories and obscure picture-postcard idylls to the hollowed-out codes of modernity and a space of memory evoked by press photos. En route we meet a bizarre cast of characters including grotesque officials, creatures wearing twisted grimaces and masks, and dopey robotic and cartoon-like characters. Item #19338

Price: $125.00

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Notebooks 2005–2018. Aldo Schmid.
Notebooks 2005–2018
Notebooks 2005–2018