The Pillar

London: Nobody, 2019.
ISBN: 9789198523300
Condition: Fine. complete with thread bound brown text booklet
First Edition

A pillar knocked into the ground next to a stream in a flat, open landscape, trees and houses visible in the distance, beneath a vast sky. That is the backdrop to all of Stephen Gill´s photographs in this book. We see the same landscape in spring and summer, in autumn and winter, we see it in sunshine and rain, in snow and wind. Yet there is not the slightest monotony about these pictures, for in almost every one there is a bird, and each of these birds opens up a unique moment in time. We see something that has never happened before and will never happen again...I’d never seen birds in this way before, as if on their own terms, as independent creatures with independent lives. Ancient, forever improvising, endlessly embroiled with the forces of nature, and yet indulging too. And so infinitely alien to us. From the text "Birdland" by Karl Ove Knausgård. Item #19355

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The Pillar. Stephen Gill.
The Pillar
The Pillar