The Decline of Mall Civilization

Chapel Hill, NC: Rumur, 2019.
ISBN: 9780578572604
Condition: As New
First Edition
SIGNED with an original drawing

"In 1989 filmmaker and photographer Michael Galinsky was a student at NYU, majoring in Religious Studies. It was during the course of his studies that he enrolled in his first photography class “Color Photography.” At the time, and whilst considering what topic to select for his assignment, a chance visit to a shopping mall provided something of an epiphany. Observing the human ebb and flow in this ultimate of artificial environments, he realized that as a student, his interests in both anthropology and sociology meant that his view on these cathedrals to consumerism could be captured in a collection of images somewhat removed from what he considered to be a conventional take on “street photography.” The Decline of Mall Civilization follows the success of his 2013 publication Mall Across America."
Text by Robin Titchener.
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The Decline of Mall Civilization. Michael Galinsky.
The Decline of Mall Civilization
The Decline of Mall Civilization
The Decline of Mall Civilization