Tonight Lounge

London: Cob Gallery, 2019.
ISBN: 9780993394812
Condition: Fine
First Edition
SIGNED, 164 pages

Tonight Lounge features photographs taken in Memphis and the Midwest – a departure for Lohr from her usual geography of the USA’s Southern states – earlier this year and in 2018. In the casino towns of Nevada, small towns in Montana, Nebraska and Colorado, Cheyenne in Wyoming and Memphis, Tennessee, she focused on what she’s come to call “a universal language”: the traces of people, and “intimations of some kind of desire or someone striving to make something different”. There is a sadness to the sun-bleached powdery pink walls and empty leather banquettes, and a sense of something left unsaid. Item #19663

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Tonight Lounge. Lorena Lohr.
Tonight Lounge. Lorena Lohr.
Tonight Lounge. Lorena Lohr.