Please Notify the Sun

London: Nobody, 2021.
ISBN: 9789198523331
Condition: Fine complete with gold colored saddle stitched text booklet
First Edition
SIGNED, 168 pp  111 Colour plates 216 mm x 270 mm

"It was in 2017 that I began to have an inkling that a single fish might contain a universe of infinite proportions and how amazing a journey within its body could be. So I started to research everything I would need to embark on such an expedition. By January 2020 I had built a work top, obtained a microscope, a camera, optics, lights and fridge. Mentally, though, I was far from ready. I was lacking the courage, time, energy and mental strength to set out on this unknown voyage.  By February, the world exposed and in the unimaginable grasp of the pandemic. Time moved in entirely new ways as so many were affected, taken ill and had their lives claimed.  This void in time, with all movements restricted, somehow presented a platform from which I could finally launch my inwards fish journey." SG "It’s not an invented world, made up in someone’s imagination, but a world that actually exists. It is the world inside the fish. But I simply can’t grasp this when I look at the images, even if I do keep telling myself that this what it is. Because what I see is something else. I see places and rooms. I see caves and grottos, beaches and fells, rock formations and oil slicks." Karl Ove Knausgard. Item #20426

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Please Notify the Sun. Karl Ove Knausgard Stephen Gill, words.
Please Notify the Sun. Karl Ove Knausgard Stephen Gill, words.