Sound of Dawn

Stockholm: Libraryman, 2020.
ISBN: 9789188113443
Condition: Fine
500 copies
SIGNED, 40 pp , 21.5 × 27.5 cm

This collection of photographs consists of a visual investigation into the intimate exchange between the human form and the natural landscape. Looking to identify the points in which both forms meet and co-exist as well as the manner in which they inevitably alter and destroy one another. Juxtaposing magnified detailed studies of the human body with photographs of the Rio Tinto river in Spain, known for its deep red hues caused by the acid mine drainage from the various mines in the region. Using the viewfinder to build compositions and sketches of the moments they intercept, further questioning our interconnectivity as forms. Item #20584

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Sound of Dawn. Cole Barash.
Sound of Dawn. Cole Barash.