Good Copy

Göttingen: Steidl, 2001.
ISBN: 9783882437898
Condition: Fine

"good copy" can be read like a novel: without words, just in pictures Peter Hendricks recounts the story of his family, its foundation, its developing, its contemporariness. Over a period of five years he has documented its everyday life: a child is born, one goes on vacation, plays together, pays grandfather a visit. It?s an ordinary life like everybody knows it. At the same time, there is a world beyond any middle-class idyll. There is war in Kosovo, and in Sudan a large part of the population is starving. There Peter Hendricks has taken photographs as well, but without being after the sensational. His pictures are unspectacular, and it is easy to follow the author?s path. Back home again, another child is born, another visit paid to the grandfather, and all of that is recorded in a very private album. Item #20648

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