Systematic Fractures

New York: (self-published), 2020.
Condition: Fine
Signed and unnumbered
25 copies

Systematic Fractures was born of a curiosity about stereoscopes and stereoscopic images. However, since the photographs included were made with a traditional camera, and not a double lens stereoscopic one, what catches one’s attention is the indefinite lapse of time that could be noticed between the first and second exposure. During this interval things were happening; minor shifts in light, wind creating fluttering leaves, the tilt of a head and other elemental changes.  The book further experiments with this construct by including these faux stereoscopic exposures out of order—seeking to create a new type of stereoscope, two images next to one another which rarely have the same subject, but which enable a similarly revelatory moment in our psyche and the opening up of a 3rd dimensional awareness. But behind this conceit, the book has for a subject the artist’s family with its myriad power structures on view. Beyond the conceptual ties to photography, flatness of the image, temporality and memory, the subject matter is at times familial with its multiple power structures, at times ethereal, all the while embedded with a sheer realistic honesty. Item #20777

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Systematic Fractures. Lucas Bourgine.
Systematic Fractures. Lucas Bourgine.
Systematic Fractures. Lucas Bourgine.