Beyond Caring

London: MACK, 2021.
ISBN: 9781913620127
Condition: As New
32.2 x 24.3cm, 84 pages

Made at the height of Thatcher's Britain in 1985 when government policy forced millions into unemployment. Paul Graham’s renowned series, ‘Beyond Caring’, originally self-published, was made in the waiting rooms and corridors of the Social Security and Unemployment offices around the UK, documenting the long waits, queues and poor conditions of an overburdened system. Denied official permission to make the work, Graham’s photographs were taken discreetly, usually without looking through the camera, resulting in a spatial disorientation that emphasized the unmoored distress of vulnerable citizens. Item #21081

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Beyond Caring. Paul Graham.
Beyond Caring. Paul Graham.
Beyond Caring. Paul Graham.