Von Erde Schoener

Frankfurt: Revolver, 2004.
ISBN: 3937577998
Condition: As new

This curious and brilliant book is from Peter Piller, the German art director who collects photographs based on unlikely themes. Here he acquired the archive of an entrepeneurial type who photographed the homes of German suburbanites from planes and went door-to-door trying to sell the owners pictures of their homes from the air. The rejects (and those images left in the archive) responded "von erde schoner" or "it is more beautiful from the ground". Pictures are arranged purely by visual elements - like people looking in the air, cars being washed, swimming pools, holes in the ground. Imagine a very German Ed Ruscha. Item #2110

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Von Erde Schoener. Archiv Peter Piller.
Von Erde Schoener. Archiv Peter Piller.