London: IDEA, 2021.
Condition: Fine
Softcover in slipcase
First Edition

Guido Palau’s third book, #Hairtests, underscores the prolific and experimental character of Palau’s approach to beauty. The assembled hair tests have been photographed entirely by Palau with his iPhone, lending permanence to the ephemeral nature of his work. Palau has said, "a hairstyle lives for the time that the wearer is wearing it, and then you're just one squirt of water away from it disappearing…capturing it on the iPhone was my way of kind of cataloging my work." Item #21541

Price: $345.00

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#Hairtests. Guido Palau.
#Hairtests. Guido Palau.
#Hairtests. Guido Palau.
#Hairtests. Guido Palau.