All-American XXI

New York: Little Bear Press, 2021.
ISBN: 9780578314181
1,000 copies
176 pages, 88 color & 133 duotone plates, 9.5 x 12 inches

Our human capacity for transformation, and the freedom that implies, is very much at the heart of this latest edition of Bruce Weber’s “All-American” journal. Time will tell what any of us become—and the subjects of this year’s volume reveal the myriad ways that mutability can be a power and a revelation. Bruce’s long-time friend Kurt Markus shares photographs of his children, who now, as adults, reflect on the experience of being his subject. Patrice Calmettes, the beloved Parisian character, opens his personal archive—sharing images of ‘70s and ‘80s decadence with his evolution as a photographer. Noted film and stage biographer James Grissom offers a personal essay about the desires and perils of growing up in Baton Rouge. The paintings of the American artist John Koch suggest a world of mystery and secrecy among the virtuoso compositions of his domestic scenes. And in this 21st edition, Bruce Weber celebrates a group of powerful women whose dedication to changing the world is a continual inspiration. Cheryl Little, Esq. and the Honorable Rosemary Barkett articulate the contradictions and paradoxes of our national debate over immigration. Gianna Cerbone’s devotion to Long Island City affirms the old-school values of community connection. And the model-turned-animal rights advocate Jane Gill narrates her story, and in so doing, demonstrates how one’s ability to adapt is at times a salvation. Item #21575

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All-American XXI. Bruce Weber.
All-American XXI. Bruce Weber.
All-American XXI. Bruce Weber.
All-American XXI. Bruce Weber.