England / Scotland 1960

Gottingen: Steidl, 2005.
ISBN: 3865211275
Condition: Fine.
First Edition

England/Scotland 1960 offers a visionary insight into the very heart of English and Scottish cultures. Reflecting a postwar era in which the revolutions of the 1960s had hardly yet filtered into the mainstream, Davidson s photographs reveal countries driven by difference--the extremes of city and country life, of the landed gentry and the common people--and lucidly portrays the mood of these times in personal and provocative imagery that is as fresh today as it was in that time. Published in this book for the first time in its entirety, this is one of undiscovered gems of late 20th-century documentary photography. Item #2259

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England / Scotland 1960. Bruce Davidson.
England / Scotland 1960. Bruce Davidson.