Richard Prince 1234 / Instagram Recordings - Vol 11

Toulouse: (self-published), 2019.
Condition: Fine
150 copies
11.6 x 14.6 inches. Printed and hand-bound by Sébastien Girard in his studio. volume of 48 pages,  staple bind book packaged in a 12 inches (33T) record sleeve featuring one of the 2664 recorded images. Protective transparent sleeve and sticker. First edition of 150 copies per volume.

Back in 2015 Richard Prince started his new account "Richard Prince 1234" on instagram. As its content was ephemeral, I was missing all of his posts, so I got this idea of setting up some automatic recordings. Two years passed away then the account was shut down. I suddenly realized I had recorded an historical concert, a « free concert » played by Richard Prince himself " SG. Item #22844

Price: $85.00