New York: The Waverly Press, 2022.
ISBN: 9781909526242
Condition: Fine
50th anniversary edition

The fiftieth anniversary edition of this sought after, esoteric classic by artist Brigid Berlin. Brigid Berlin (1939-2020) was an American artist and former Warhol Superstar, best known as Andy Warhol’s closest confidante and for her obsessive diaristic recordings of her life during the 1960s and 1970s that took the form of tape recordings, Polaroids, and handmade “trip books,” essentially diaries that were comprised of collages, drawings, prints, clippings and other ephemera. Perhaps inspired by Warhol’s scars from gun shot wounds sustained in 1968, Berlin started creating her “Scars” trip book in 1971. Berlin persuaded friends and visitors to Warhol’s studio, to make ink imprints of their scars from their various body parts and then write the story of how the scar was obtained alongside the ink impression. The original “scars” were created on blank pages in one of Berlin’s notebooks and this collection was published in 1972 by Telegraph Books under the title Scars by Brigid Polk. Item #23076

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SCARS. Brigid Berlin.
SCARS. Brigid Berlin.
SCARS. Brigid Berlin.