Road to Nowhere

London: Loose Joints, 2022.
Condition: As New
First Edition

Graubard’s raw diaries of Eastern Europe from 1992–1996 reveal a fearless and unflinching record of turbulence and change across the Balkans. The first publication by Graubard, whose intimate and striking color approach to photography found a voice of its own when she packed up and embedded herself within Eastern Europe during the early nineties, witnessing the Yugoslav War, Bosnian genocide, and Kosovan uprising. Working solo, Graubard chased stories as her heart led her, uncovering the suffering and hardship of orphanages, institutions, warfare, and hunger, as well as the joyfulness of emerging subcultures and post-Soviet identity among the young populations across Russia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and more. With many images remaining almost completely unseen for nearly thirty years, Road to Nowhere will be the first major publication of Graubard’s work. Item #23326

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Road to Nowhere. Robin Graubard.
Road to Nowhere. Robin Graubard.
Road to Nowhere. Robin Graubard.