London: MACK, 2022.
ISBN: 9781913620707
Condition: As New
1st Printing
Embossed lined hardcover with tipped-in image
25.5 x 30.5cm, 104 pages

August is the third volume in a series of books entitled Forests and Fields (Wald und Wiesen), following Neighbors/Nachbarn (2006) and Blumen (2010). Forests and Fields is intrinsically about book making, an ongoing suite of artists books that utilizes traditional notions of category to create different points of view. Each publication is part diary, photo annual, palimpsest, and scrapbook, and involves a process which constantly expands and contradicts the artist's oeuvre through re-edits of the work to create new views through the material. The books share similar dimensions but each is designed as an independent and unique work in itself. The final volume will be text based, a collection of commissioned and re-published writings inspired by the ideas explored in the pictures. A boxed, numbered and signed special edition of the complete set of the Forest and Fields series will be available once the project has been completed. Item #23692

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August. Collier Schorr.
August. Collier Schorr.
August. Collier Schorr.
August. Collier Schorr.