Why Omaha?

Zürich: Patrick Frey, 2022.
ISBN: 9783907236413
Condition: As New
First Edition
144 pp , 21 x 21 cm

"Mad Dog" Vachon, "Tarzan Tyler", Masao "Rusher" Kimura – the ring names of the professional wrestlers who grappled for glory in the AWA (American Wrestling Association) were as evocative as they were hair-raising. And their bouts in the ring were spectacular extravaganzas with mass public appeal. It’s the Summer of 1969 and nine-year-old Darius Koehli has just left Zurich for a nine-month sojourn in the US with his father. He suddenly finds himself in a whole new world. And why the heck does it have to be Omaha, Nebraska, of all places?  Fortunately, he soon makes friends with Carl, the neighbors’ son. They take him along to the hottest spot in town, the Civic Auditorium, to see some catch wrestling. Item #24176

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Why Omaha? Darius Koehli.
Why Omaha? Darius Koehli.