Sister Sister

Gent: Art Paper Editions, 2021.
ISBN: 9789493146655
Condition: Fine
Second Printing
506 pp , 17 x 24 cm
750 copies

Dutch photographer Liv Liberg was 10 years old when she started photographing her younger sister, Britt, four years her junior. It was a game between two sisters in which fashion, dressing up and photography converged. What started as child’s play developed over the next fifteen years into a serious passion. Liv directs Britt obsessively in different settings drawing upon their mother’s sophisticated wardrobe and using make-up and attitudes inspired by fashion magazines of the period. The archive of images presented chronologically in this 500+ page book reveal a girl developing into a young woman, becoming increasingly aware of her own sense of self and the world around her. Item #24537

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